Sadie Hawkins Dance…with WOLVES

For two years running I helped write and direct a Halloween stage production for young actors in the style of an old time radio play.  It was a blast and working with the kids was an experience I treasure so on the second year I wanted something special to commemorate the experience.

A faux B-horror poster fit the bill.  I love anything that can make the imaginary a physical part of our world.  It matched the silly tone of the period play and was something that could be signed and hung on my wall.  And it made everyone feel that much more like a movie star.

It was a great success and the distressed look fooled the kids for about five trippy seconds when I told them I’d found these posters with their faces on them in an attic.

I illustrated the poster with each actress or actor’s likeness, in character, and based the overall design off of a vintage Dracula poster.

Sadie Hawkins Dance…With Wolves tells the story of a fraught first dance interrupted by were-vermin and a meddling little sister.